Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i miss kentucky and i miss my family...

for anyone interested, that is a line from a ryan adams song, and the following line is "all the sweetest winds, they blow across the south."

okay so i guess i should update since a lot has changed since December 18... over new year's i made a visit to lexington, KY to visit my friend Jenny and her husband Stevie. at some point during that weekend we decided that i should move in with them, and amazingly everyone in my life thought that was a pretty good idea. so here i am, living in Nicholasville, Kentucky (NickVegas) and happy about the decision. i got here on january 16, the day before my 25th birthday (which i wasn't too excited about). i was sick with strep-throat for a week, but have since made a pretty descent transistion. i am really sick of transitioning. i've done a lot of that in the last 8 months. i know that that's what life is, but it takes a lot out of you after a while... but i really have missed kentucky since i left nearly 3 years ago, and i'm happy to be back.

you might be wondering, so here's your answer; NO. i do not currently have a job. however, that should be taken care of very soon. i completed all of my paperwork to start substitute teaching and i have an interview at starbucks soon.

because i haven't had a job, i've had a lot of time to think. i don't know that this is considered an actual activity to many people, but it is for me. so i don't feel like i've wasted a lot of time by not having an actual job because i really have been working hard up there. i've been reading some, but that usually just sparks more thoughts and the book gets set aside while i stare out the window. sometimes i write. most of the time i don't. a lot of times i end up crying. more and more often i want to talk about it. i'm afraid that i'm becoming one of those "when i was in freetown" people, but i can't help it... i finally want to talk about it and i haven't felt that way much. so maybe you'll hear more about it on this little blog. speaking of which, i thought it was time for a face-lift. maybe i'll eventually put some pictures up here. no promises. :)

i finally got my library card (which is a much more complicated process than one would expect), so i will be able to e-mail and hit the old blog more often now. sorry that i've been out of it for a while.

much love to you all.