Wednesday, March 22, 2006


as i mentioned before, i started my training at starbucks this week. it has been surprisingly fun thanks to my 'learning coach', stephen, who is both exceedingly patient and witty. yesterday we were talking about our corporate giant sugar-daddy of an employer and he aptly noted that ours isn't your typical coffee-house. "i don't envision any inspired poetry being written in this setting."

unless it would be some bitter, 'i hate the man' slam poetry, i think he's right.

made a cappucino today, which is quite an accomplishment in case you didn't know. i mean, it's not something that should end up in the papers or anything, but it is worth mentioning in my little blog that no one reads. for me, an undetermined length of time from this point on will be filled with the making of cappucinos, so i felt that the first one was note-worthy. the rest will likely never be mentioned.

it is kinda hard to think about what i was doing 3 months ago as compared to what i am doing now... i had plenty to fill you in on then, and now i'm writing about hot beverages. but the consistency is that i feel like both settings and situations have provided me with an opportunity to build good relationships with interesting people who i might never have met otherwise. i hope i can maintain the learning posture that i was forced into in freetown. there are still people to learn from and questions to ask. the Jesus who i found around every corner in freetown is the same one i will find on the corner of west main and broadway.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


what is it about a $5 pay-in that suddenly makes me crazy about NCAA basketball? i'm so competitive sometimes... it's a little embarassing. but my bracket is shot and ohio state is out already, so it's not as fun as it was a couple of days ago.

i went to visit mi familia this weekend. it was really fun. thursday night tyler and i met nate and the skidmore trio in columbus for some rotten fun. for those of you who don't know the skidmores, you are totally missing out. they are all rotten and hilarious. i laughed a lot. friday i watched the ohio state game with my grandma. she really gets into it and knows the stats and personal stories of all her fave players. she never ceases to amaze. my mom and i watched pride and prejudice - LOVED IT. i need to get a pay check so i can buy it! my dad and i watched some basketball but we refrained from any debating this weekend - except for me defending myself against his disapproval of my decision to put duke in the final four in my bracket. last night i went to visit dara and brad in westerville which was great. i hadn't seen dara since june i think, so it was fun to just sit around at her house and tell stories. she thinks i'm really funny for some reason so she just lets me talk and laughs at everything! it's quite affirming. today i listened to my dad give an excellent sermon, i got saved, ate some good food and then drove back to kentucky. other random happenings of the weekend were visits with my other grandparents and girl scout cookie binges.

tomorrow i will finally start my training at starbucks. it's been a loooong road, but i have an actual job now! i've never wanted to work so much in my life.

i hope everyone is doing good. peace out.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


things in kentucky are fair... not great, not awful. the job situation remains frustrating, but i have been able to do some kind of income-earning activity at least a few days each week. legal things, of course! i realize that sounded a little shady. still waiting for something reliable and profitable to start happening. today i substitute taught for a kindergarten assistant in the AM, and then a kindergarten special ed teacher in the afternoon, and then i substitute waitressed at a local resturant during the UK SEC tourny game. i'm not sure which environment was louder or more exhausting. i just know that i am really tired, yet i'm still awake because of wireless internet...

i guess i've been back in the US for almost 3 months now. that's kinda weird because i still don't quite feel at home yet. didn't expect that. i've heard that this happens, but it's so strange when you're going through it. and i'm still not caught up on all of the pop-cultural pleasures that come with US citizenship. i feel like every time someone asks if i've seen some movie or heard of some band, i have no clue what they're talking about... i'm so not cool anymore! i probably never really was... :)

let's see... i'm currently reading 'the bookseller of kabul' which i really like, but am not gripped by. so it's taking me forever, but not because i don't like it. i'm just not into it enough to make it a priority. but i do like it! don't get me wrong. 'the kite runner' is probably next on my list. it's been recommended by just about everyone so i guess i should get on board.

i realize that these random updates are totally boring... sorry about that. i am still feeling a little disoriented and caught up in a transition. and it's really getting old! i feel like i just need to stay in one place and hybernate for a while and then i'm sure i'll be at it again. pulling out the soapbox and ranting about my chosen injustice of the week and hopefully planning my next escape across an ocean or maybe south of the equator... i haven't done that yet!

okay, who knows when i'll post something again, but thanks for checking in on me.