Tuesday, September 08, 2009

say my name.

my top ten favorite ways to hear my name pronounced in freetown:

10) "stee-fa-nee"
9) "stef-nee"
8) "stef-een"
7) "stef-inn"
6) "stef-ann"
5) "stef-ayne"
4) "stef-ling"
3) "steev-een"
2) "wayt gyal"
1) "faye"

have i mentioned that everyone thinks i'm faye? she hasn't lived in my house for almost 2 years, and people on my road still call me faye. tonight one of the girls who i buy fruit from (nearly every single day) called me faye while i was walking home. as usual, i didn't have the energy to explain that i'm not faye, but yes i know faye, no she's not my sister, no i'm not chinese, yes i will see faye tomorrow, yes i will greet her, etc... so anyway, i just said hi and kept walking. then i heard a boy voice say to the girl "that's not faye, that's steph." the girl disagreed. a loud debate ensued. back and forth. faye. steph. faye. steph. i'll clear it up tomorrow.

i told faye she needs to come visit so people will see her and think "oh. THAT ONE is faye." but i don't really think it will help. once i was planning to meet faye at her house and when i got out of my taxi, i could see her walking up her street just about 20 yards ahead of me. one man watched her walk by, and then when he saw me he looked back in faye's direction, and back to me, and then to faye... puzzled.

in other news, i got a desk today! somehow i think this will help me be more organized, but that is probably not true. it will at least keep me from doing work while sitting on my bed. that was getting old and wearing out my matress since it was being used as a bed and a desk... and i admit that i often sit on my bed for meals too. so now i have TWO pieces of furniture to use! livin' large.