Monday, November 16, 2009

a song for... someone who needs somewhere... to long for.

things are going pretty well around here. see faye's blog (link in column at right) for some exciting info about a property we are going to rent. it is so great! we're all pretty pumped about that.

i was just looking at some photos taken by my friend courtney (link also to the right), and her creativity is contagious. so i felt inspired to write something down. not really anything too significant or insightful. just something. so here i am.

i guess that one thing i am realizing lately is the degree to which freetown has become my home. it honestly makes me a little uncomfortable. i mean, i still long for my own culture, and don't feel totally at ease in this one. but this is my life now. and as much as i want to go back to that other world a lot of the time, i'm no longer sure that it will feel completely right either. i have planted a piece of my heart here and i know that when i leave, whenever that time comes, i will feel a profound sense of loss. my home will always be across the ocean, no matter where i am.

that sounds so depressing, but that isn't really how i mean it. i think i am one of the lucky ones... to have so many people and places that do feel like home. i mean, maybe different parts of me have different homes. and so wherever i am, a part of me is in the right place... goodness how i ramble. i'm sure there will be a lot of INFPs commenting on this post. everyone else will just have to shrug it off.

moral of the story: being homesick means you have someplace to miss, something to long for. and that means that you have lived and loved well. can't be sad about that.


amanda said...

silas loves to talk about paradox. he even has these two little ducks (pair o' ducks) that he uses to illustrate beauty and pain happening at the same time.

i like this reflection. and, i like that courtney's photos inspired you. and i am an infp, darn.

Anonymous said...

i feel you on the homesickness thing. always longing for the place across the ocean. story of my life, except now its sort of a triangulation of longing... the u.s? and now we've lived in arizona (??) for longer than anywhere as a married couple? what the heck?

i'm just happy to have friends all over the world, like you :)

coffee sometime when we are on the same continent?

am i an infp? i have a feeling i am....

love you steph!

blessings, kristina (erny)

オテモヤン said...