Friday, April 21, 2006

spring in the LEX

i love spring. even when it rains... except when i have to walk a couple of blocks to or from my car. anyway, spring has sprung in KY, and that means dogwood trees and horses. and lots of frappuccinos (huh?) at the BUCKS. i should probably know how to spell that but who cares... not me.

i started a conversational spanish class at the literacy center last week. i suck. but that's pretty much why i'm in the class. it's been a long time since i had any spanish classes, but the hardest thing is that my brain defaults to Krio when it tries to think spanish. the two are not similar at all, which you probably guessed. so i sit there and stutter and get red-faced for an hour and a half every thursday night - but i guess it's helping me a little. it is at least exposing me to some mild humiliation on a regular basis. that is good for all of us occassionally. combine that situation with my favorite question - "would you like room for cream in your cafe estima?" - every 20 seconds and i'm more humble now than i have ever been in my life!

al stuery was in town this week, so that was fun. we did some apartment hunting, but i'll continue to look around for the next few weeks. she's coming in mid-june, so we have a little bit of time to figure it out.

i'm starting to look for job part 2. have found a couple of things that seem interesting, but i need to work on a resume. i keep putting it off, but my goal is to get it done this weekend. if you call this weekend, you need to ask me about it. if i'm not finished, hang up on me. my future is in your hands.


Courtney said...

Hey girl! I'm sorry I missed you at the Patty concert! It was amazing; well worth the 1 1/2 drive from the Nati. :) Sounds like things are going well for you. I may apply to Starbucks myself here soon. I just moved to St. Louis (living with Angela) and don't have a job yet. yikes! Do you like working there? Anyway, hope all is well! Have an awesome day!

juls said...

i miss you. forgive me for not calling. i am back from texas and need my stephy fix!