Saturday, March 24, 2007

spring again

well, it's been quite a while since i wrote anything on here. a lot has changed. i'm still in lexington, but i moved in with my friends rachel and melissa, and i work as a case manager at a foster care agency. things are pretty good. it's spring, and i don't think i have to tell you again how much i love spring.

a very big life-change is on the horizon, but it is not official. i'm hoping to move back to sierra leone in the near future. i will interview with WMF in a few weeks, and then we'll know more about the when and how. i'm EXTREMELY excited about this possibility, but just this week i started to feel sad too. i know, it's a little premature, but i do like to be emotionally prepared. :) i'm not really into the other kinds of preparation, so i figure it's a good thing to just go with it when it comes naturally.

if anyone still checks this thing, i will keep you posted on the aforementioned happenings. much love.


Courtney said...

Steph! So excited to hear about Sierre Leone. But also understand the sadness that begins to hit at the same time. I heard a rumor that you may visit St. Louis?! We'd love to have you:)

Anonymous said...

hey steph,
whats up? i am excited to hear about sierra leone, i would probaly cry also and i dont know why...but none the less i am very happy for you and extremley jealous...Bob Marley 4-ever